Happy Holidays!

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Scenesource’s staff would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

A Very Happy New Year 2014

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Poster for A Very Happy New Year 2014

ScnSrc wishes you, your friends and your family A Very Happy New Year 2014!  We wish God fulfill your good dreams, give happiness, peace, money, success and don’t let evil minions & zombies reach to you!

After wishes we would like to extend our thanks to you buddies for the continuous support and expect further increase in  2014. Again wishes of  the New Year 2014, enjoy buds and let the fresh air come to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!

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Scene Source staff wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays from scnsrc :) Image

Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year 2013

Like every year it’s time to say good bye to 2012 as well. In 2012 there been many ups and downs in life of each and every one. Various predictions like World’s end creating mass havoc resulted in to nothing more than a fuss. We have seen and did many great things, played many good games, watched many good movies and so on and so forth, we lost many good people as well, oh ya how we can forget SOPA and PIPA and blah-blah…
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!

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Scenesource staff wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays from scnsrc :) Image

Happy New Year 2012

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As the year draws to an end, we’d like to take this chance to wish you all a Happy New Year!!! Thanks for supporting scnsrc during 2011, like you’ve done consistently now for over 3 years.

We wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 for what will be without doubt an amazing year of great new energies!

Thanks again for all the amazing support to each of you!

Dennis Hopper 1936 – 2010.

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Dennis Hopper dies at 74 of cancer

I think its the first time ScnSrc has a post of this kind… With great sadness I inform you about Dennis Hopper’s death. This great actor has died after a fight with a prostate cancer, diagnosed in October ’09. I knew about his health problems for some time, and really hoped he will make it. Unfortunately the battle and war was lost. He has yet given us many movies, TV-shows which he had either produced or stared in, just look at his IMDb page linked below. I think that a lot of you guys liked hiim as an actor as I did, most recently I have watched a show “Crash” where he played a great role of a troubled music producer, really enjoyed it… You will be missed Mr Hopper.


Hypocrite D3M0NZ Ousted as TL Uploader

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Considering we bring you all the scene releases that we can, thought I’d update you on some scene news. This was released a while ago, but figured some people might want to know about it.

Looks like ‘scene group’ (and I use that term loosely) has been ass raped and kicked. Its been a while in the making, considering D3M0NZ has been so ‘anti-p2p’ and then at the same time their leader is an active uploader to TL. Now I don’t care either way in regards to scene groups and whether they upload things to p2p or whatever, but there is a set of rules that the scene do follow, and getting their own sources is probably one of the best rules. As for the other rules, (when not nuked) I know that I’ll get a good quality release from the scene. Now, I know some of you might not care, might care, or whatever…. Just giving you some news here folks so CHILL OUT.

The title that pre’ed was this Insecure.Group.D3M0NZ.leader.P2P.Uploader.SCENE.NOTICE.XViD-PRG
and can be found HERE


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So cute…

Merry Christmas

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Here’s to having a safe and happy holiday, thank you for your continuing support throughout the new year.

Merry Christmas from everyone at SceneSource.
-and Flashy, because I don’t associate
with them.

New Project Uses P2P To Promote Films

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A new project was launched today to distribute unkown films by unkown directors to potential audiences. VODO created by the man behind “Steal this film” uses a coalition of filesharing sites including The Pirate Bay and Isohunt to host and distribute its movies for free.  Below is some info from their site…

VODO is founded by Jamie King, one of the figures behind STEAL THIS FILM (www.stealthisfilm.com). VODO brings filmmakers together with the distribution power of the filesharing community. It aims to offer fresh, quality films on a free-to-share basis, promoted and distributed through a ‘coalition’ of filesharing partners that includes big names like The Pirate Bay, Mininova, Miro, TorrentFreak,Isohunt, Plube, OneDDL Vuze and and Frostwire, amongst many others. ‘Together, the filesharing community has a distribution capacity that rivals and even exceeds that of the mainstream media,’ says Jamie King. ‘VODO aims to leverage that power for the benefit of filmmakers and other creators.

By sharing films freely through the most popular and fastest growing filesharing sites, we’re building audiences in the hundreds of thousands for artists. That has material value for these filmmakers, through raised profile, donations and marketing. It’s a win-win situation and it’s the future of distributing media after copyright.’ Followers of release groups like aXXo will be familiar with the model. But VODO is a release group with a twist. Not only are artists voluntarily sharing: downloaders can choose to make voluntary donations to creators. VODO lets creators manage their own donation links, with all donations going directly to the filmmaker. Regular supporters of the VODO project will receive access to all the films being considered for release.
VODO proudly presents Us Now

Snow Day!

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sorry for clogging up the site with *crap* but lulz!